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We're hemrogaging space dollars

Well, I borked LAM 7.0b1 already. I left some unititalized variables down in the smp coll SSI. Doh! Fortunately, there was at least one other Big error that borked b1 as well. So it wasn't *completely* my fault. ;-) Actually, I'm not worried at all. Finding bugs are what betas are for.

So here's something that surprised me today: I bought 2 hard drives today, one for Tracy to store her MP3s on (since she got a portable MP3 player for her birthday), and another for a linux machine. Guess which was easier to install? And I mean *significantly* easier! That's right -- linux. By far. The Windoze XP box involved multiple reboots, failed detections, unclear directions, and about 2 hours. The linux one involved running a single program (the Mandrake system configurator thingy), it noticing that I had a new disk, and ran its GUI disk partitioner thing for me. It even moved all the relevant files over to the new partition for me (I mounted in on /home, but already had a few files under /home). Elapsed time: about 10 minutes.

Our Tivo updated itself to version 4.0 today. Woo hoo! It has a feature that I've long been waiting for -- grouping of recorded shows. So my wife's 6,000,000 _Mad About You_ episodes are all listed under a single folder. Even cooler that than: if you go in that folder, the shows are listed by their episode names, not just _Mad About You_ -- cool! I can also now plug my Tivo into my home LAN and have it update over the net rather than via phone. But I don't have any strong incentive to do that -- I'm not considering the Home Media Option (at least not yet). It's the little things in life. :-)


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