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May 3, 2003

She's lump

Ok, it's time for the Turbojournal Express: * We electronically submitted a paper last night 15 seconds before the deadline. * We electronically submitted a tutorial proposal in about the same timeframe (I sent my CV to the person performing the submission approximately 15 minutes before the deadline) * I finished my sections (well, the first versions of my sections, I suppose) of a yet another huge collab-o-paper (i.e., lots of authors from different institutions) early this morning * Have another major conference paper due Monday night. * LAM 7.0 rolls on. Spent 3+ hours on the phone with Etnus yesterday, and eventually came to the conclusion that LAM and TotalView were right; the Sun Forte compilers had a bug. Sounds like a LAM documentation fix... * I am apparently an ENTJ. Cope. * Because of increasing disbelief from both the tech support from the anti-virus vendor that my church purchased their AV products from (no product names mentioned; "see previous journal entry for details":http://jeff.squyres.com/journal/archives/000497.php) and from others, I finally broke down yesterday and installed the AV product on my Windoze XP Pro vmware installation. Since all the problems are occuring at the church (and I had seen them first-hand), I had never bothered to replicate the error myself. This has led to the all the aforementioned disbelief and "your users must be doing something wrong" claims. With my brand-spanking new install, I was able to replicate the problem within 5 minutes. Sad. * It's Derby weekend here in Louisville. * I got my passport renewal back. My picture is horrendous. * Not only did I hear from CPT Klak recently, I also [coincidentally] heard from MAF J (my old boss from when I was mobilized); good to hear that all is well with him as well. * CPT E. I. is able to have a "IAOOTA" (I Am Out Of The Army) party in a few days, while I still have to have a "ISBOOTA" (I Should Be Out Of The Army) party sometime this summer. Congrats to her, though! Woo hoo!


Ran across some bugs this week: * gaim 0.62 has spring a new file descriptor leak. After running gaim for a long time (over a day), it starts complaining about how it has too many open files. Looking in /proc, sure enough, the entries in the fd subdirectory of the gaim process seems to have lots and lots of open files. gaim is quite an active project, so I'm assuming that someone else has already reported this. Let's hope 0.63 fixes this. :-) * libtool 1.5 is not passing flags down to the C++ linker properly in all cases. One specific case that doesn't work is attempting to build a shared C++ library on Solaris with the Forte compilers in 64 bit mode. In this case, a CXXFLAGS of "-xarch=v9" is required at compile time. And since CC is used as the linker to make the resulting .so file, "-xarch=v9" is required at link time, as well. But libtool refuses to pass this flag down to the linker, resulting in CC complaing that the objects are of the wrong class (64 bit) when it is trying to make a 32 bit library. Doh! I've reported the bug to the libtool mailing list.

May 7, 2003

Here's to the wingman

Wow. Sometimes you just have to wonder what the hell goes on in the minds of marketers? Check out this snail mail I just got (the emphasis is theirs) -- this is printed on the outside of the envelope: "Jeffrey, Take a look at the new and improved BMG -- and I'll give you 11 CDs for the price of 1, with no further obligation with membership." Amazing.

May 19, 2003

Horse radish-flavored gumballs

It's been a while, but the opprotunity to file a new entry hasn't presented itself until now. * Tracy and I went to the GE Appliance Park 50 year anniversary a few weeks ago; it was a Big Deal. Many thousands of people there, GE CEO Jeff Emmelt (sp?) was there, etc. Neat stuff. It's kinda amazing to think that that facility has been around for 50 years -- quite a long time. Someone said that less than 1% of businesses founded last 50 years; it's incredible that GE is much older than that, and that *this facility alone* is 50 years old. Neat stuff. * I was in Quebec, Canada all last week at the "Annual International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications":http://hpcs2003.ccs.usherbrooke.ca/ and the corresponding OSCAR developer's meeting that we had afterwards. Saw a bunch of LAM/MPI users there, and heard some interesting talks. It was more of an applications conference rather than a computer science conference, but it's always good to hear the end-user viewpoint. * Had Army duty this past weekend. PKI and IMAP/SSL will someday end up ruling the world. * I receive the e-mail off my church's web site. This weekend, I got a mail from a reservist stationed in Kuwait (O-3 type). He told some good stories (i.e., things he's seen in Kuwait and Iraq that are inspirational), and some of the difficulties that he's having. Keep our servicemen and servicewomen in your thoughts and prayers -- they're far from their families and loved ones. * My good friends D&D are finally getting married. D called me last night and asked me to be the best man. That rocks! No dates or locations have been set yet, but it'll likely be about a year from now. * My friend Suzanne C. recently defended her Ph.D. thesis at ND. Woo hoo!! She has been engaged to another friend, Ed S., but has been banned from working on wedding plans until she defended her dissertation (whatever it takes to finish the dissertation, right? ;-) She's now working full-speed ahead on the wedding plans, and is looking at a Bascilica wedding next fall sometime. Woooo hoooo!!!!

May 24, 2003

_How_ many deviled eggs did you order?

A bounty o' quickies today: * Eileen got a house! She sent pictures in e-mail; it's way cool. Up until this point, she has been furiously debating between yet-another-apartment and a house, and was just about to settle with yet-another-apartment when apparently she found a great house this past week. Woo hoo!! * The definitive bastard Rich M. (from ND) spammed me with a DVD of the BBC sitcom "Coupling":http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/coupling/ (series one). Tracy and I both thought it was hilarious. As with drugs, the first one's free -- we're going to have to buy more of them now. And apparently, NBC is considering having an American version of the same show this upcoming fall. * I have been writing LAM documentation for days now. 91 pages and counting; I'm guessing that I'll hit 100 pages before it's done. Docs, docs, docs -- have you seen my socks? "Docs and socks; socks and docs," said the fox as he at his lox on a box with Alan Cox. * The no-name anti-virus that we use at my church _finally_ put out a fix for the problem that we were having. *Clock stop:* 2 months, 12 days since we first reported the problem (and they refused to believe us). Good tech support turnaround. [sigh] * We pre-ordered the newest _Harry Potter_ book for Tracy. We've seen both movies, and when Tracy was flying to Asia last year, we bought the set of four books in an airport bookstore. Now she's hooked. I ordered some more Paul Oakenfold CD's, too (had to order multiple items to get the free shipping and all that). * The new season of _Stargate SG-1_ is starting in a few weeks. Yummy! * Pox. Nox. Rocks. Talks. Crocks. Just keeping the theme going.

May 25, 2003

Synthetic paperclips

I finished the first cut of the LAM user docs: 99 pages. One short of a hundred, but I just couldn't bring myself to add any more to it. I'm sure we'll add something in the editing process to push it to at least 100 pages. :-) I'm printing out the Install doc right now to start proofing it (only 40 measley pages). Proofing that and the three SSI docs will keep me busy for a little while. :-) "Seeing articles like this":http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/ny-bc-ny--firehousesstruck0525may25,0,283125.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire reminds me that my life is fairly normal. Tracy and I watched _Catch Me If You Can_ last night. It wasn't quite what I expected -- I didn't expect it to be so depressing. Still, it was a decent movie (I guess I just wasn't in the right mood for it), and it is based on a true story. So I give it 5 minutes. Got an e-mail yesterday about advancements in the "MoveableType":http://www.movabletype.org/ blog system that I use, and the plans for "a new hosted version of it":http://www.typepad.com/. Sounds cool. I wonder if they would support DNS-based hosting; if so, I might actually be tempted to move JeffJournal to their hosted site! I really don't tweak the source at all and haven't yet gotten around to seriously tweaking the CSS style on my site (although it really needs it), and my server is soooo slow that it can be kinda annoying to post new entries sometimes.

Fun on a rainy day

Saw _The Matrix Reloaded_ today with Tracy. One word: wow. Great effects, amazing action sequences. A lot heavier on plot, rationale, and philosophy that its predecessor. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 23.5 minutes. Off to another wedding tonight.

May 30, 2003

Secret sauce?

Great thinkers have pondered throughout the centuries: which gets worse first -- cold fries or cold McNuggets? Truly -- a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, you have the french fries: light, slightly crispy, lightly salted (or heavily salted, depending on your pallette), piping hot (but not _too_ hot) -- simply perfection when just right. A vat of perfect french fries and a lifetime supply of Krispy Kremes would make most people content for life. On the other hand is the mcnuggets: warm, scrummy delights of chicken (or chicken-like substances) wrapped in tender battered... er... _material_ dipped in your favorite sauce. A perfect chicken nugget is comprable to life itself. So which do you eat (and enjoy) first? The obvious answers include: * Eat the fries first. Enjoy the golden, crispy fries to their fullest perfection. Unfortunately, in the mean time, the nuggets get cold and lump, resemling brown coal (and sometimes burning just as well, creating toxic gasses and contributing to the greenhouse effect). * Eat the nuggets first. Delight in the warmth and tenderness of the little pieces of happiness. Sadly, the fries will inevitably become damp, limp, and sometimes turn a pasty shade of green. Disgusting a best, suitable for national defense at worst. * Attempt to eat both at the same time -- alternating between one and the other. Your first few samples of each will be wonderful. But then the sickly side turns -- each asymptomatically approaches their terrifying "death-like" states, all the while you are cursed with the knowledge that you could have prevented this tragedy by making a better choice. This option is not recommended. * Eat one first while keeping the other in a dry, heated location. Unfortunately, the half-life of both items after leaving the hands of a qualified fast-food attendant is about 1.3 minutes, regardless of environmental conditions, temperator, and/or nurturing care (such as a microwave). Attempts to revive the foods after they have come into your possession are fruitless and will result in food implosions and/or serious injury. This method is not recommended. * Force everything down very quickly (perhaps accompanied by a tasty milkshake). This provides instant gratification for some sickos, but usually results in indigestion, lack of satisfaction, general listlessness, embarrissing gas, alienation of friends, despair, and eventual suicide. This method is not recommended. * Use a potato masher to make a mash of all the ingredients (the milkshake is optional) until it has a shephard's pie-like consistency. Eat the resulting cement with a spoon until it hardens and you are no longer able to extract the spoon. However, in doing so, you lose the individuality of each sensual delight, and instead are left with a Soilent-Green version of a meal. Unless you're an avid Science Fiction fan and enjoy long walks on the beach and cannibalism, this option is also not recommended. * Only purchase one food at a time, thereby keeping the other in the hands of trained fast-food professionals. When finished with the first food, purchase the second. What are you, French? With no challenge, there's no life! How can you look your children in the eye if you can't say that you have attempted the impossible, tried to seize the day, or lusted for life! Don't surrender now -- try, try, and try again! So what to do? I guess someone smarter than me will have to answer this. For my part, I know I'll be doomed to keep trying to solve the eternal quandry. And trying again. And trying again. And...

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