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_How_ many deviled eggs did you order?

A bounty o' quickies today: * Eileen got a house! She sent pictures in e-mail; it's way cool. Up until this point, she has been furiously debating between yet-another-apartment and a house, and was just about to settle with yet-another-apartment when apparently she found a great house this past week. Woo hoo!! * The definitive bastard Rich M. (from ND) spammed me with a DVD of the BBC sitcom "Coupling":http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/coupling/ (series one). Tracy and I both thought it was hilarious. As with drugs, the first one's free -- we're going to have to buy more of them now. And apparently, NBC is considering having an American version of the same show this upcoming fall. * I have been writing LAM documentation for days now. 91 pages and counting; I'm guessing that I'll hit 100 pages before it's done. Docs, docs, docs -- have you seen my socks? "Docs and socks; socks and docs," said the fox as he at his lox on a box with Alan Cox. * The no-name anti-virus that we use at my church _finally_ put out a fix for the problem that we were having. *Clock stop:* 2 months, 12 days since we first reported the problem (and they refused to believe us). Good tech support turnaround. [sigh] * We pre-ordered the newest _Harry Potter_ book for Tracy. We've seen both movies, and when Tracy was flying to Asia last year, we bought the set of four books in an airport bookstore. Now she's hooked. I ordered some more Paul Oakenfold CD's, too (had to order multiple items to get the free shipping and all that). * The new season of _Stargate SG-1_ is starting in a few weeks. Yummy! * Pox. Nox. Rocks. Talks. Crocks. Just keeping the theme going.


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