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Ran across some bugs this week: * gaim 0.62 has spring a new file descriptor leak. After running gaim for a long time (over a day), it starts complaining about how it has too many open files. Looking in /proc, sure enough, the entries in the fd subdirectory of the gaim process seems to have lots and lots of open files. gaim is quite an active project, so I'm assuming that someone else has already reported this. Let's hope 0.63 fixes this. :-) * libtool 1.5 is not passing flags down to the C++ linker properly in all cases. One specific case that doesn't work is attempting to build a shared C++ library on Solaris with the Forte compilers in 64 bit mode. In this case, a CXXFLAGS of "-xarch=v9" is required at compile time. And since CC is used as the linker to make the resulting .so file, "-xarch=v9" is required at link time, as well. But libtool refuses to pass this flag down to the linker, resulting in CC complaing that the objects are of the wrong class (64 bit) when it is trying to make a 32 bit library. Doh! I've reported the bug to the libtool mailing list.


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