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Fun on a rainy day

Saw _The Matrix Reloaded_ today with Tracy. One word: wow. Great effects, amazing action sequences. A lot heavier on plot, rationale, and philosophy that its predecessor. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 23.5 minutes. Off to another wedding tonight.


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Michael Dingwall:


I like Matrix Reloaded as well, however, I’m wondering about something else.

I’ve noticed that you do a lot of work with PIPT. I’m am currently working on a beowulf cluster and wanting to write an application or a pluggin for CinePaint that will use PIPT as well as the mpi libraries installed on the cluster.

Do you have a good explanation on how to use the PIPT, since all the documentation that I have found sucks. Some examples of some code would be great as well.

In advance I appreciate all the help you could give.


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