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Horse radish-flavored gumballs

It's been a while, but the opprotunity to file a new entry hasn't presented itself until now. * Tracy and I went to the GE Appliance Park 50 year anniversary a few weeks ago; it was a Big Deal. Many thousands of people there, GE CEO Jeff Emmelt (sp?) was there, etc. Neat stuff. It's kinda amazing to think that that facility has been around for 50 years -- quite a long time. Someone said that less than 1% of businesses founded last 50 years; it's incredible that GE is much older than that, and that *this facility alone* is 50 years old. Neat stuff. * I was in Quebec, Canada all last week at the "Annual International Symposium on High Performance Computing Systems and Applications":http://hpcs2003.ccs.usherbrooke.ca/ and the corresponding OSCAR developer's meeting that we had afterwards. Saw a bunch of LAM/MPI users there, and heard some interesting talks. It was more of an applications conference rather than a computer science conference, but it's always good to hear the end-user viewpoint. * Had Army duty this past weekend. PKI and IMAP/SSL will someday end up ruling the world. * I receive the e-mail off my church's web site. This weekend, I got a mail from a reservist stationed in Kuwait (O-3 type). He told some good stories (i.e., things he's seen in Kuwait and Iraq that are inspirational), and some of the difficulties that he's having. Keep our servicemen and servicewomen in your thoughts and prayers -- they're far from their families and loved ones. * My good friends D&D are finally getting married. D called me last night and asked me to be the best man. That rocks! No dates or locations have been set yet, but it'll likely be about a year from now. * My friend Suzanne C. recently defended her Ph.D. thesis at ND. Woo hoo!! She has been engaged to another friend, Ed S., but has been banned from working on wedding plans until she defended her dissertation (whatever it takes to finish the dissertation, right? ;-) She's now working full-speed ahead on the wedding plans, and is looking at a Bascilica wedding next fall sometime. Woooo hoooo!!!!


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Steve DuChene:

Is that sentance above supposed to read “Someone said that less than 1% of businesses founded last 50 years ARE STILL AROUND” ??? Or am I missing something.

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