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She's lump

Ok, it's time for the Turbojournal Express: * We electronically submitted a paper last night 15 seconds before the deadline. * We electronically submitted a tutorial proposal in about the same timeframe (I sent my CV to the person performing the submission approximately 15 minutes before the deadline) * I finished my sections (well, the first versions of my sections, I suppose) of a yet another huge collab-o-paper (i.e., lots of authors from different institutions) early this morning * Have another major conference paper due Monday night. * LAM 7.0 rolls on. Spent 3+ hours on the phone with Etnus yesterday, and eventually came to the conclusion that LAM and TotalView were right; the Sun Forte compilers had a bug. Sounds like a LAM documentation fix... * I am apparently an ENTJ. Cope. * Because of increasing disbelief from both the tech support from the anti-virus vendor that my church purchased their AV products from (no product names mentioned; "see previous journal entry for details":http://jeff.squyres.com/journal/archives/000497.php) and from others, I finally broke down yesterday and installed the AV product on my Windoze XP Pro vmware installation. Since all the problems are occuring at the church (and I had seen them first-hand), I had never bothered to replicate the error myself. This has led to the all the aforementioned disbelief and "your users must be doing something wrong" claims. With my brand-spanking new install, I was able to replicate the problem within 5 minutes. Sad. * It's Derby weekend here in Louisville. * I got my passport renewal back. My picture is horrendous. * Not only did I hear from CPT Klak recently, I also [coincidentally] heard from MAF J (my old boss from when I was mobilized); good to hear that all is well with him as well. * CPT E. I. is able to have a "IAOOTA" (I Am Out Of The Army) party in a few days, while I still have to have a "ISBOOTA" (I Should Be Out Of The Army) party sometime this summer. Congrats to her, though! Woo hoo!


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