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A rolling moss has no stones

The LAM release is taking a bit longer than expected. With some intense testing over the last week, we've found a bunch of little buglets and at least one big bug (and it bites). Still, I'm confident that we'll get it out the door "soon". The sooner, the better, actually, 'cause there's a whole bunch of stuff that is being held up waiting for CVS to become generally open again. I think the big bug has been solved, but I won't know until I can get on some machines that currently appear to be having problems (the support folks likely won't be in until tomorrow). Doh! But we're guests on the machines in question, so we really can't complain. There's other side issues that are making it take a little longer -- lawyer issues, press release issues, re-vamping the LAM/MPI web site, etc., etc. But the software comes first -- gotta have that done before the release can go forward. :-)


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