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Floating point ASCII

I finally did it. After seeing/hearing millions of commercials about how satellite TV is cheaper than cable, I happened to notice that my cable bill went up $4 this month. WTF? I checked last month, and sure enough, there was a notice (citing "increased operating costs") about how the bill was going to go up (note: it actually went up *more* than they said it would go up). I was somewhat miffed -- we actually don't have any exoribitant cable services ("classic" digital service with 2 receivers, which is about 40 channels + some music channels), so it amazed me that we're now paying almost $60/month. I suspect that we're helping subsidize all their new services (on-demand TV, cable internet service, local phone service, etc.). Harumph. So on a whim, looked at a few satellite provider web pages and compared their prices. Holy schnikies! Much cheaper, and with a whole lot more channels (I actually don't care too much about the "more channels" part; as long as I get the channels I want -- which is already covered in my ~40 channel cable plan -- I'm happy). _And_ you can now get local channels on satellite TV (this did not used to be true; this was one of the big reasons we didn't get satellite TV when we first moved into our house). So Tracy and I talked about this a lot (yes, we're both engineers -- anyone want to guess how many spreadsheets and formulae were involved in these discussions?), and finally decided to switch. This is just incredible to me: we're saving about $200/year and getting _more_ channels.

We're _finally_ on track with the LAM/MPI 7.0 release. It took _forever_ to get the gm RPI working, but it appears to all be working now. I wasted much of this weekend trying to get the gm DMA memory allocator on Solaris to be deterministic, but that just didn't happen. Oh well. So I'm making "final" tarballs now; I'll start subjecting them to heavy, heavy testing ASAP. Here's hoping we catch all the bugs! (repeat after me: I will not test the lamd RPI on a large number of AVIDD nodes. I will not test the lamd RPI on a large number of AVIDD nodes. I will not...)

Had dinner with Anne Mary and Eduardo last night at Ferd's. Yummy food, good people, and good conversation.

For some reason, Firebird (my browser) is not telling me about updates on web pages that it is supposed to be monitoring. *Bonk!* I didn't notice, for example, that CPT Klak has posted a few more comments to her blog, and is starting to talk about the eventual route home. Woo hoo!

If you can read this, you're driving too close.


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