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Fortran string handling

Last night I was in Eileen's apartment working on a local copy of the new LAM web site (i.e., I had CVS checked it out on my laptop) when I accidentally clicked on an external link. "Doh!", I thought, "I'll have to wait for it to timeout." To my great surpise, it connected, and displayed the page! It seems that I was connecting to someone else's wireless network (totally by accident). How fun! So I enjoyed nice wireless access until the owner apparently realized that someone else was sucking off his/her bandwidth and shut off the WAP. It was fun while it lasted. :-)

BIG NEWS: CPT Klak is back in the states! She pinged me on IM on Monday, quite out of the blue. Quite unexpected, too, because her last blog entry mentioned that everyone was talking about coming home, but there was "no danger" of her actually coming home any time soon. Props to CPT Klak who has been defending freedom in dangerous parts of the world. Woo hoo!


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