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Kind of a ring thing, comes with a "dialer", you hit the symbols, it spins around, lights come on, kinda flushes sideways...?

I just noticed that my Dirty Vegas oggs (effectively "MP3s" for those of you who don't know what oggs are) are not on my main desktop machine. They only exist on my laptop. And here I was wondering yesterday when I was listening to DV on my laptop why it seemed like I hadn't heard those songs in a long time. [SMACK] It's because I *haven't* heard them in a while. Duh!

Haiku of the day: Ribbeldy bop do, Blipenperspiel klak perplak. Makelfod. Splat. Splat.

Bad joke of the day: I used to think that memory is important. But I just can't remember why.

Worse joke of the day: A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?"


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