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Not so much

Yesterday was Tracy's and my 3rd anniversary. Yay us!

Brian is thinking of buying a "Tivo":http://www.tivo.com/. Everyone should encourage him to do so.

One of my internet service addresses (i.e., the "whois" e-mail contact address for one of my domains) was spammed by "Indiana Wesleyan University":http://www.indwes.edu/ yesterday (including the usual lame comment that I had subscribed to receive such notices -- which I most certainly did not). While this is not a new tactic for spammers, I'm surprised and saddened that an insitute of higher learning has resorted to such fradulent tactics to recruit students.


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I bought a tivo about 3 weeks ago. Two days later I added 2×120GB drives to it. It is the coolest thing….ever. In the history of ever, actually.

I never sat down to watch shows in the past, even though I thought some were mighty funny. Now whenever I do sit down, I can watch the stuff I want to be watching. I’ve got mine setup now to record every bond movie that comes on. I think it’s recording thunderball right now. In any case, it rawks. Cannot provide enough reccommendation. :-D

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