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Shiny boots and a spanking clean haircut, and you can handle the world

There's a new humorous Mac G5 commercial on TV that shows a man getting forcibly blown out of his house, supposedly because the G5 is so powerful/fast. And what did my wife notice about this commercial? That there's a GE Advantium in the kitchen. [sigh]

_Fight Club_ is a really good movie. So is _Apollo 13_, (which was on TV last night, and I have the DVD of it). It's the official "It's Cool To Be An Engineer" movie.

There's nothing like rollerblading on brand new wheels and bearings. "Smooooooth" is perhaps the best way to describe it. You slither over the street and slip around corners. "Whoosh", to say the least. It's always incredible going for the first blade after having run old wheels/bearings into the ground -- the difference is astronomical. You can corner like nobody's business, at speeds that were totally impossible on your previous wheels/bearings. You don't blade. You glide. You glide really, really fast. It rocks.


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Um, so what kind of wheels does it take for you to go splat and destroy another palm pilot?

You sent a great pilot-de.jpg last time. If I was smart I would insert you pic in this comment. Instead, you will get nothing and like it.

Late congrats on the anniversary thing. I can’t believe its been 3 years. Getting old sucks.


p.s. Yes, I’m an idiot, but do you have any idea why only 1/3 of your blog shows up when I go to it? I have to refresh and scroll up and down and pray to Jesus in order to see your entire entry. Are you blogging in special anti-microsoft blogging software?

Oh, nevermind, I just RTFM and that explains it. http://www.movabletype.org/support/index.php?s=90d192b5d76f45f21aa015c3ab08825e&act=ST&f=8&t=23394&st=0


Hmm, in thinking about your Apollo 13 reference, it occurs to me that only a True Engineer™ could possess the talent to configure the LEM with round scrubber cartridges and the Command Module with square.

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