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There's no Mayan god named "Fred"! ...sure there is.

Well, I tried. I upgraded my Laptop from Mandrake 9.0 to 9.1 last night. It went pretty well; I had to reset a few things (X settings, audio settings, etc.). But for the most part, everything went smoothly. The major reason for my upgrade was to get the latest version of Evolution. I was hoping to consolidate my Palm Pilot data with e-mail, calendaring, etc. I first tried the Evolution that ships with MDK 9.1 (v1.2.something), but eventually downloaded the latest direct from Ximian (v1.4). I was a bit surprised to see how flaky it was. Sometimes buttons didn't work (i.e., click on it and nothing happens), weirdness with expunging my IMAP mailboxes (I have 2), and pretty much total failure trying to synchronize with my Palm Pilot (it grabs about 20 addresses and then times out). So I'll stick with pine for now. Pine is great, but lacks offline capabilities (and of course, integration with calendaring, etc.). Evolution also has better searching capabilities (local caching, etc.). So I was kinda hoping that it would work out. Alas. Evolution looks very promising and very slick -- don't get me wrong -- it is just apparently not suited for what I want to do. Bummer!

Had a bunch of friends over for dinner last night which was fun. Jim A. and Daraius P. will be going with me to the Ft. Knox Zussman MOUT (Military Operations Urban Training) in a few weeks with my army unit for the urban training exercises. Should be fun.

Can't remember if I mentioned this in jjc or not -- but since we have subscribed to DirectTV, we no longer see cable commercial ads. Instead, we see DirectTV ads. Clearly, there must be some kind of slot for "local provider" commercials (or the provider simply chooses to fill them with their own ads). With today's direct marketing methods, I wonder how targetted these commercials are? I notice that we see few (if any) commercials for the DTV package that we have -- instead, they're all "upgrade" kinds of commercials (get this sports pack, or this movie pack, etc.). How much of this world have we surrendered (without a fight) to the lawyers and marketers?


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my favorite ads are the ones for propane and tractor equipment. Very targeted!!

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