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A weasel is a noble animal

When I turned on mycomputer monitor this morning, I was greeted with no less than 47 popup windows from gaim telling me that it had too many files open.

Speaking of which, all of us gaim'ers may lose MSN connectivity on 15 Oct. We'll see what happens...

An old friend just turned a brand new Xbox into a standalone Linux PIII machine for a grand total $217 (software fixes only -- no need to crack the case on the Xbox). Yummy!

My cell phone is dying. The microphone cuts in and out, but the headset works fine. So I'm gonna go to the Verizon store and see if they can fix it.

On a related note, Tracy just bought be a Tungsten T2 bluetooth PDA. So maybe I have to get a bluetooth phone so that they can talk to each other. Hmmm...

I really have nothing interesting to say today. :-)


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