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I don't want to brag or anything, but I waited tables at the '76 Olympics

I'm serving some of my 2-weeks-a-year Reserve duty.

My academic career is just about entirely on hold for the 1.5 weeks while I'm doing this. It's hard to swap back and forth between the two (I learned that at Huachuca).

I'm training a whole bunch of our subordinate units on how to use E-mail signatures and encryption (DoD-sponsored PKI program). It's kinda neat. The training goes through this Saturday; soldiers from our units all over the four state area are coming in for my training (KY, TN, AL, MS).

Last night, I went out for a beer after the training with some of the guys from one of our TN units at a local bar/restaurant. Since we had come straight from the training, we were still in uniform. While we were eating, a lady came up to us at our table and thanked us profusely for serving our country. We chatted with her for a few minutes about the current global situation and whatnot. That's always nice -- I can honestly say that we soldiers appreciate that greatly.

And just to reiterate -- the feeling is recriprocal. Check out this story:


Massive blackouts in the Northeast this afternoon -- from New York City to Detroit. Wow.

There's talk among several ND grad students and ex-ND-grad students of hosting our own server somewhere. Hmm. We'll see where this leads -- could be interesting.

Saw Monsoon Wedding -- it wasn't what I thought it would be at all. It wasn't bad, but since it really wasn't what I was expecting, I can't really give it a good rating. It'll have to be zero minutes (sympathy).

The United States Postal Service continues to amaze me. I've had at least one prior journal entry about how amazing the USPS is, but this one takes the cake. Two days ago, Tracy got an envelope from the USPS Claims Center. She opened it and was utterly amazed to find a piece of internal GE mail inside. That is, it was addressed to Tracy at her internal GE building designation (no zip code, just a building and office number). Apparently, someone at work dropped it in the "external mail" slot instead of the "internal mail" slot.

But yet somehow the USPS figured out who it was for, looked up our zip code and address, and mailed it on to us -- free of charge.

That is simply amazing. In a society of "it's not my fault", someone had the initiative, time, energy, and desire to do the Right Thing to ensure that Tracy got her mail.

The USPS rocks.


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