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I was being Shelly Winters from the Posidion Adventure

While driving home from the OSCAR developer's meeting, I actually reached a new record for voice memos on my phone: 31.

Actually, my phone maxed out at 30 and I had to call and leave myself a voice mail to get the last one in there. :-)

The OSCAR meeting was good: we have a smaller, sleeker, more elegant, and generally mo' better architecture for OSCAR 4.0. It solves a lot of problems that we have been grappling with for months.

The highlight of the meeting was the BBQ and bonfire at Neil's place -- watching Neil run over to Brian's car with a hose to water it down so that the sparks/ash from the fire didn't start an additional S2003-flavored side-bonfire. Classic.

Some quotes:

  • I'm running for governor in California.
  • I'd be honored to lose to Gary Coleman!
  • This is the best OSCAR meeting ever!!

Tracy got me a Tungsten T2 Palm Pilot for my birthday. After careful consideration, I decided that it was just too much, and I returned it (it supports Bluetooth, and not only do I not own any other Bluetooth devices, it seems like the industry is pretty ambivilaent on Bluetooth -- I think it's just too new). So I got a Sony Clie J33 instead (also runs Palm OS -- just not on Palm hardware).

So far, I love this thing. I've had an m100 for years and it worked just fine, but this is definitely an improvement. It has color, way better resolution (320x320) so all the fonts, icons, and images are way sharper. The processor is also significantly faster than the m100, which is nice (no more delays when looking at an appointment, etc.).

I also managed to get MS Outlook all setup to talk to the IU Exchange server through vmware, and have all the synchronization work. Yay me.

Got new Clie. Has rockin' resolution (320x320) -- fonts, icons, and images are way better than my m100.


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