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Speculation on the origins of so-called "breakfast cereals"

* Gretchen F. came over for dinner last week. * COL Daraius P. and I went to the Zussman MOUT at Ft. Knox with my unit over the weekend for some paintball training in an urban environment. Hot, sweaty, frustrating at times, but overall fun (and I have the paintball welts to prove it). * IMAP/SSL connectivity today is *sucking* (but other network connectivity seems to be unaffected). I wonder if there's some kind of IMAP/SSL bottleneck somewhere... * "Typepad":http://www.typepad.com/ is opening up tonight. I'm still debating moving to a hosted blog platform. Might be worth it. I'll probably sign up for a free 30 day trial and give it a whirl to see what it can do (my self-hosted MT blog is on *really* old / slow hardware, and it makes it kinda paintful to write entries). * I change the whole CSS style of my blog to make Mark S. shut the hell up. Oh yeah, I didn't like the old style, anyway.


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