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You went Colonial on his ass!

Went to see le Divorce with Tracy this evening.


30 feet. Not a guy flick, and totally not what I was expecting. Lots of smarmy French people, which never puts one in a good mood.

I took my dying cell phone to the Verizon store today, explained what was happening, and they replaced it -- free of charge. Amazing. I wasn't expecting that at all.

They even had a little machine that downloaded my addressbook from my old phone and uploaded it to the new phone so that I didn't have to re-program everything. That was quite convenient. Amusingly enough, there was at least one data error in the transfer -- "Brian B" was loaded on the new phone as "Br$an B". Hopefully it didn't screw up any of the phone numbers!

Tracy pointer out to me today that the street signs on either end of our street have different capitolization.

Huh. I never made the connection.

I did an interim / beta release of XMPI today so that it could compile with LAM/MPI 7.0 and 6.5.9. It turned out to be a bigger job than I thought -- I had to update all the GNU auto tool usage (use more up-to-date constructs, remove a bunch of now-useless kruft, etc.), stamp in the IU copyright everywhere, and fix a bunch of bit-rot issues. But now XMPI 2.2.3b7 has escaped to the world.

It's not perfect; I noticed some minor error conditions while I was testing. But hopefully we'll have someone work on it this semester. Who knows -- perhaps we can even ditch Motif and re-write the GUI!


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