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It's like Shakespeare said: All the world's a stage, and Windows is crap

Tracy and I visited her family in Iowa for the long weekend.

Her relatives have a getaway home on the Mississippi in Harper's Ferry, IA,and one of her cousins ows a cottage on an island a few miles down on the river. It's very cool -- the island is less than 100ft wide. Their house is elevated almost 30ft on struts. Right now (i.e., during the fall), the river level is very low. However, during the spring floods of '93, the river water came right up to the floor of the house. Millions (if not billions) of gallons of water -- it's staggering to conceive of that much water.

I accidentally let my laptop battery drain over the weekend. Whoops!

Stargate SG-1 is a great show -- very creative. The episode Wormhole X-treme is one of the funniest episodes of the whole series. Hilarious stuff. :-)

Since we've decided to go with our own server, it looks like I won't be using Typepad anymore. Typepad is great -- don't get me wrong -- but since we're going to be paying for our own server and hosting, I don't want to pay for a secondary service.


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