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Renice? You must mean kill -9

Bonk. Today was the first time I've ever experienced totally random BSOD-like behavior from Linux. i.e., a total crash for no apparent reason. I was not installing, re-configuring, or tweaking anything with the kernel. Nor have I done so for quite some time (weeks). I was simply editing a C source file in emacs, when BLAM! My whole system freezes and the caps lock and scroll lock LEDs started blinking. A few quick searches showed that it appeared to be a Linux-related problem (i.e., others have run into it), and that it was a fail-stop problem. So I rebooted (sigh) and opened up my C source file to find it totally trashed. #$@%#@%#@!!!!!! Also, my dad noticed today that lists.squyres.com was misbehaving -- things he had sent didn't seem to be getting redistributed. I logged in, and sure enough, the load was astronomically high and, well, basically nothing was happening because a) it's a 100MHz machine with b) very little RAM and c) a slow disk. So it was thrashing like crazy and no real work was happening. Apparently what happend is that over time, with random network outages, various processes piled up until my machine reached Armegeddon. Rebooting cleared it all out and the spice started flowing again. Can't wait to transfer all this stuff to WOPR... (we're having a DNS propogation problem right now -- looks like Tucows may have screwed up our domain entry. Doh!)


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