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16 days and a wakeup

Quickies: * Went to ND for the weekend and saw us get pounded by USC. * Saw Rich, Brandom, Arun, and Kyle. Pumpkin beer. * WOPR = Have it your way. * Saw Renzo, Putt family, and several others. It didn't change the fact that we got pounded by USC. * Saw my aunt/uncle/cousin, too. We still got our asses whipped by USC. * Submitted a conference paper literally at the last second. I wish that I would have had a little more time to work on it. * Finally got the cradle for my Clie (it was back-ordered). It's yummier than just plugging it into the cable. * Tomorrow, it will be exactly one year since I returned home from demobilization. * I finally went to turn in a travel voucher from when I drove home from demobilization last week. The fincance guys told me about 600 additional forms that I needed to turn in with the voucher. I was _so_ proud of myself for going home an actually _finding_ all of them! * I bought the _Matrix_ DVD yesterday; good stuff. They built an entire freeway as a set for the big highway chase scene. Wow.


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