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I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello

Quickies: * Had a 1.5 week trip to Venice, Italy. It was great. More details forthcoming. * squyres.com DNS names are now being resolved from WOPR. This is the first step in moving all squyres.com services to WOPR. I'll probably install blogging software this weekend. * Everyone needs to encourage Dog to buy a TiVo. * My Sony Clie cradle shipped yesterday. * _The Matrix: Revolutions_ DVD comes out next week. Yummy. I don't buy too many DVD's, but like all good geeks, the orignial _Matrix_ was my first DVD, so I suppose I should keep that line of thought going... * Speaking of DVD's, Tracy discovered first-hand the evilness of the motion picture industry. She bought a DVD in Paris and was shocked when I told her that it probably wouldn't work on our DVD player at home. Sure enough -- it didn't (it's coded for the Europe region, not the North America region, so it refuses to play). How friggen' dumb is that?


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