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It's funny because it's a non-traditional power source

Notre Dame wholloped Stanford this past weekend in football -- rock on! The only questionable thing was the ND's choice for a fake punt in the 4th quarter when we were already up by 50 points (literally). That doesn't really show a lot of class -- I know that we'd be pissed if someone did that to us. :-( There's speculation that Willingham didn't actually call for a fake punt and the players did it themselves because the wide outs were not covered. To me, it doesn't matter -- we shouldn't have done it. Luckily, we didn't make it, and Stanford took over on downs.

Tracy and I went to Philadelphia and Allentown (where my family is) for Thanksgiving. Although it started off with a comical episode of my parents not being able to find Tracy and me at the Philadelphia airport, all turned out well. We ate, played football, ate, saw the movie _Elf_ (eh.... 2 minutes), ate, and watched the ND game that I mentioned above. Then we ate. It was generally a good time -- good to see the whole family again. And Chris and Pat: no matter what anyone says -- you have been, are now, and always will be *freaks.*

"Perk just finished his 6 month experiment of being homeless.":http://theabsurd.org/log/index.php?logarg=viewentry.php?id=715 Yes, that's right; being homeless by choice -- to see what it was like.


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