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Coefficient of rigidity

Tracy's comment about Perk's Mix CD that he made for me:
"Oh, that _thing_ you left in my car? It's back in its case."

I'm getting _craploads_ of spam to my whois contact info this week. i.e., a _significantly noticable_ increase over this past week. It's all Bayesian-proof stuff, too -- containing tens or hundreds of random English words and a single http image for the advertisement. The weird thing is that they're all hawking the same thing (illegal cable). Why on earth would a spammer send the same message content to whois information tens or hundreds of times a week? That makes no sense whatsoever. ...unless the spammer is being fradulent and telling their customers that they're sending the message to X recipients, even though their database has only (X/N) e-mail addresses; so they send the same message to everyone in the database N times. <sarcasm> Wait -- spammers being fradulent? Nah, that would never happen. </sarcasm>


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