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Dissertation news

So I'm finally gonna do it -- I'm going to graduate. I've had long talks with Andy about the exact content of my dissertation, and the first -- extremely rough -- version of it is 166 pages long. I'm sure there will be more, though. :-) There have been a few wrinkles over the past few days; this morning, for example, I discovered that I was no longer a student at Notre Dame (apparently I was dropped sometime while I was deployed last year). That was a bit of a surprise. But the best news that I've gotten all day is that Dr. Stevenson has agreed to be my official advisor at Notre Dame. The "small world" aspect of this is that he was my co-advisor for my Master's -- he was a professor in the Electrical Engineering Deparntment at the time (he's now a joint EE/CSE professor). Woo hoo!


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