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I only understand about 1% of what she says half the time

Woof -- what a letdown. I got home last night from Bloomington to two massive piles of snail mail (Tracy usually elects to let me handle all the snail mail). This morning, I was sorting through it and saw check-like envelope from Linux Magazine (the parent company of the magazine that I write a column for). Woo hoo! My first check! How exciting! (it's not that much; it may even qualify for framing on the wall similar to a "here's the first dollar we earned" plaque, right next to Bobbe the Bigmouth Bass) I eagerly tore it open and was disappointed to see that the check was made out to "Jeffrey Squires". My name was misspelled in multiple places, although all the other information was correct (address, etc.). Doh. I guess they don't love me so much. :-\ This actually isn't a big deal, but it was kind of a letdown.


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