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It's like mah daddy told me once; the only thing bettah than a crawfish dinnah is *five* crawfish dinnah.

In browsing through some music samples on Amazon the other day, I discovered that Windows Media Player sucks. At least 1 in 4 times, when you click on the music sample link, the media player window pops to the front but instead of displaying the song title and starting to connect to the media, it says "hurl" and does nothing.

I've started playing with the "Zinf":http://zinf.sf.net music player on Linux (instead of XMMS). Although it was relatively annoying to compile (it has a lot of dependencies), it has a *much* better music organization structure than XMMS -- it searches and finds all your music and then lists then according to artist and album. This is by no means a new concept -- but for someone who is used to XMMS's lack of music organization, it's great. It also has a great method of editing Ogg/MP3 tags, so I spent a little time fixing up a lot of my tags. I even discovered that a bunch of my old music was corrupted (some holes in MP3s or Oggs), so I re-ripped them. There's still a few problems with Zinf that I'd like to see fixed (should use case-insensitive sorts, a few random crashes, better differentiating between the currently-playing playlist and other playlists that may be open, fixed width title displays, etc.), but I think I'll give this a whirl for a while instead of XMMS and see what happens.


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