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Oh my God, I'm dating a murse!

I have been listening to the same tape (The Crystal Method, _Community Service_) in my car for over a year -- ever since I returned from active duty in mid-Oct 2003. So I've been listening to it for about 14.5 months. My "XM radio":http://www.xmradio.com/ arrived today. Ergo, the 14.5 month streak has ended. I took the tape out (which was emotionally difficult, I admit) and put in the tape adapter for XM radio. After about 60 minutes, the radio had programmed itself and was ready for listening. Just doing a little driving around Louisville, I heard some songs that I had never heard before (exactly what I enjoy about the techno channels on my "DirectTV":http://www.directtv.com/) as well as some classic cuts from Yes. Plus the fact that XM has two satellites -- one named "rock" and the other named "roll" -- that's just too funny! How can you not love a service with an attitude like that? I think I'm going to enjoy XM radio very, very much. I filled out the paperwork to get my free home adapter kit today; it'll go out in the mail tomorrow and I'll probably get it in 8-10 weeks. That'll rock, because then I can listen to XM radio in my office during the day -- not just while in my car. Music variety -- that's what I crave, and I'm hoping that XM can deliver it to me. I still need to do a proper installation in the car -- route the antenna wire nicely, etc. Perhaps this weekend.


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