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You pull this crap one more time, you're fired. Tell Janet Merry Christmas.

I got all kinds of cool stuff for Christmas -- just about everything off my Amazon wish list (gotta put more stuff in there now!), "XM radio":http://www.xmradio.com via the Delphi Roady with a car kit and a free home kit (which will arrive in a few days -- all the stores were totally sold out), and traditional Holiday Cash(TM) from Gramma P. which will be used to purchase a new watch that can set its time from the time signal at Ft. Collins, CO. Those are my two geek toys for Christmas, and I'm _quite_ pleased with them.

My journal page looks absolutely crummy on anything less than 1280x960. Others have told me that "it looks funny," but I never made the connection as to why until now when I looked at it on a computer with a very small screen and saw that the right hand navigation seems to be finitely placed. I'll need to fix that. [sigh] I guess I can't complain; I got the style for free from some web site.


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