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Chock full of notes

I'm so glad that I have my own domain. Whenever I buy something from an online store -- even the big-name stores like Amazon, Best Buy, etc. -- I _always_ give a _something.spam@mydomain.com_ kind of e-mail address, and set the _something.spam_ address to forward on to my real address. Over the holidays, I did a whole bunch of online shopping, and therefore made a bunch of new addresses this way. Today, I got a mail from JCPenny.com (even though I'm quite sure that I opted out of any promotional material that they offered when I bought my neice's Christmas gift). But that's not a problem -- there's an unsubscribe link, and a Big Store like JC Penny should honor it. So I went to the unsubscribe link and guess what the result message is?
Thank you! You have been unsubscribed from our Email list. Please allow us up to 4 weeks to remove your Email from our lists.
*WOW.* I can understand a multi-week delay in handling traditional paper kinds of confirmations. But 4 weeks to get off an e-mail list? One that I didn't even want to be on in the first place? What exactly is the source of delay here? This truly amazes me. Thanks, JC Penny, I'll be taking my business elsewhere...


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