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It's just that I lost my position as the team's water distribution engineer.

I'm very pleased with the performance of my new MDK 9.2 installation of my desktop. The filesystem is *noticably* faster -- I think MDK 9.2 included a newer version of Resierfs (my /home was formatted as Reiserfs, and I didn't re-do it when I re-installed, so I think it got automatically upgraded). My machine performs much more like the 2.4 GHz machine that it is now. :-)

Yeah baby -- got a bill from Notre Dame today. Raising the total cost of my Ph.D. to $200. [sigh] This is actually quite a saga -- see "this journal entry":http://jeff.squyres.com/journal/archives/000441.php for the synopsis. The end result is that I actually have to pay my own tuition (which is an anthema for science/engineering grad students). Oh well. I guess I can't say that my Ph.D. was "free" anymore.


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