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Pay-per-view extravaganza

Yesterday, I was quite unmotivated to do anything, so while channel surfing, I ran across some DirectTV ads for some pay-per-view movies that I've been meaning to see. So what did I do? I Tivo-ed them all, of course! *Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life:* Hmm. Definitely not nearly as good as the first movie. Lots of action, yeah, but the first movie had more depth, and so I kinda expected it in the second. Additionally, there were a large number of really glaring errors and inconsistencies in the movie (and not your typical "suspension of disbelief" kinds of errors). So it was somewhat of a downer. I'll have to give it a sympathy rating. *Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines:* Also a downer of a movie, but it was supposed to be that way -- it's the rise of the machines, after all. The humans are _supposed_ to get their asses kicked (similar to the upcoming Star Wars movie). But it also lacked the depth that T1 and T2 had. I'll have to give it 6.5 minutes. *The Santa Claus 2:* Mock me if you will, but it's a cute movie and I enjoed the first one. I think my favorite line from the first one was while Tim Allen was riding in the sleigh with his son down a suburban street parallel to a car; Tim looks over at the driver and yells, "So if I follow this road, it'll take me down to the 405, right?" Or something along those lines. This move was obvious much more of an "upper" movie than the other two, and there was a bunch of adult humor and geniunely made me laugh. So I'll give it 12.5 minutes.

So when you go trolling with Christmas cards among old friends whom you haven't seen/heard from in a long long time, you sometimes get a hit. :-) John T. e-mailed me the other day; turns out that he's got a whole new job now and he and his wife just had a baby within the last month or so (I'm assuming it's a boy -- the picture shows a baby in blue clothes!). Kudos John and Wendy!


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