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Airlines suck

I was reminded today that I hate the airlines. American Airlines, in particular. I was in Santa Fe recently for an extended period of time. Hence, I brought two suitcases -- one large, and one small. I hate lugging suitcases through the airport, so I almost always check my luggage -- even if it's small enough to carry on the plane (the smaller of my two suitcases was small enough to carry on the plane). While I was in Santa Fe, I picked up several technical books and Very Large Printouts (VPLs), on the order of 300+ pages each. These all went in my luggage. My smaller suitcase was already stuffed with clothes, so I just dumped the books in the larger suitcase. When I got to the airport, I was told by the American Airlines representative that my luggage was overweight. Grumble. I figured that the books/VLPs had put me over the limit. "Well, it's only your big bag that's overweight. You can move stuff from the big suitcase to the little one, which should put you underweight." Er... what? Yes, that's exactly what he meant. They weren't weighing both my bags _together_ -- they were weighing them separately, and judging my luggage oveweight because one of them was overweight. This, in spite of the fact that the combined total weight of both bags was comfortably below twice the allowable weight for a single bag. And so they charged me $25 because my baggage was overweight. This is clearly a total scam by the airlines (American Airlines in particular), since the math -- literally -- doesn't add up. Grrrr....


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James Scott:

You think it’s a scam, but you don’t have to lift the bags into the cargo hold. Hmmm…maybe it’s a union thang.


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