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To your hair

So Arun got engaged.

Quotes from an IM conversation with Rich about this:

CPT J Klak (AOL): Wow
CPT J Klak (AOL): He finally did it
Rich M (AOL): Arun?
Rich M (AOL): yup
Rich M (AOL): did you see the pictures? he has a KICK ASS blue shirt :)
CPT J Klak (AOL): Ya — I noticed that picture
CPT J Klak (AOL): I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have a serious contender
CPT J Klak (AOL): But nah — I got him beat HANDS DOWN
CPT J Klak (AOL): 8.5 years of dating, baby
Rich M (AOL): awesome
Rich M (AOL): you win
CPT J Klak (AOL): So
CPT J Klak (AOL): His shirt
CPT J Klak (AOL): It should never be worn again
CPT J Klak (AOL): It should be displayed along with a velvet picture of Dogs Playing Poker
CPT J Klak (AOL): it needs to be enshrined
CPT J Klak (AOL): a tribute to bachelorhood
CPT J Klak (AOL): Plus, Sheleece (sp?) will never let him wear it again anyway ;-)
Rich M (AOL): indeed! that’s AWSOME
Rich M (AOL): we should get him the dogs playing poker picture

And another quote from Arun after the announcement:

Fun fact: Because I have no memory I had to make a note to pick up the ring. However, Shelece often sees the emacs buffer I use for my schedual, so I used “MPI Ring Counter” as the codename for all engagement related activities. i.e. “Design MPI Ring” -> pick out ring. “Implement MPI Ring” -> pick up ring, etc…

Congrats to Arun — welcome to the second life.

Had a good week of next generation LAM work last week. Things are progressing quite well. More details as time goes on — suffice it to say that the next generation of LAM is gonna rock.

So D&D win the award for the classiest wedding invitation ever — got a wine bottle with custom labels in a custom wooden box. The bottle was closed with a cork and a seal, and contained a rolled invitation to the wedding.

Cool stuff.

The date for my graduation party has been set — 3 July 2004.

Now all I have to do is graduate.

Another saga has finally come to a close.

I finally got around to filing my final travel voucher from my Arizona deployment late last October, almost exactly a year after I returned home from deployment. I submitted it through my unit’s finance office. It got kicked back to me via snail mail about 1.5 months later in mid-December because I forgot to include a form. I promptly re-submitted it (thtough my finance office again) a day or three later. Come late-January, I stilll had heard nothing. So I asked about it. DFAS had no records that I submitted it. So they told me to submit it again. I did (through my finance office).

A week later, I called DFAS to check the status of it. Surprise — they had no record of it. The helpful lady strongly recommended me to fax it myself from my home fax machine. 10 minutes later, I did.

A week later, I got paid.


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