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Give me 4 255-sided die and I'll get you some IPs

A bunch of quickies to tie up the last few weeks…

  • Brian is now e-mailing his journal entries. I’m jealous.
  • We’re having our monthly LAM 10 meeting this week at IU. I didn’t do much today because I was stuck doing AVIDD runs (see previous entry about “dash oh” woes).
  • My ibook was supposedly ordered last week. I anticipate seeing it in a month or so. That’s right, I’m making the leap to an OS X laptop. Woo hoo!
  • I served my last “weekend warrior” days (although they weren’t actually on a weekend — I made them up during a week) last week. I officially become a civilian this Friday. What am I going to do without a monthly reminder to get my hair cut?
  • I made a similar statement at lunch today (“what am I going to do without a monthly reminder to get my hair cut?”). One of the people that I was eating with looked at me funny and said, “The Army sent you some kind of reminder to get your hair cut every month?” “Yes,” I said, “There is a sophisiticaed image analysis program that you can hook up to a web camera on your PC (I run this on my computer) that takes pictures of your head. When it detects that your hair is longer that it is allowed to be by Army regulation, it sends an e-mail to you and your commander, letting you know that it’s time to get a haircut. They have a similar program for the Air Force, but they add 3 inches to the allowable hair length size.” “Wow,” he said, fully believing me. “The Army is really advanced!” I’m such a twerp. ☺
  • I fixed some long-standing issues in env-switcher that Jeremy E. has been whining about forever.
  • We switched all the LAM and MPI-related CVS repositories to Subversion this weekend. We ran into a few minor glitches here and there (this umask issue was the most insidious), but it seems to be going ok. Except for the fact that Ralph G. can’t seem to get subversion to compile properly on his new OS X laptop (he was trying just about all day today). Bonk.


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