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I wake up, just like you, and put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is, when I wake up, I make gold records.

A few more dissertation-related quickies:

  • Don P. is the greatest ever for having invented the ndthesis Latex class file. I would have been doomed — DOOMED — without it.
  • Latex’s \includeonly{} is your friend. Your really, really good friend.
  • This is the longest friggen’ document that I have ever written by myself. It’s a logistical nightmare! Try writing a highly technical, highly complex 350+ page document and see how hard it is to keep everything consistent. Woof! I can’t even imagine writing this without decent editing tools. Using Word, for example, would have totally — TOTALLY — sucked.
  • Subversion has been an enormous help — I converted my dissertation repository from CVS to SVN a few months ago. With all the results that I had to run, and with the number of files that I had to move/rename/delete, and with all the binary files that I am keeping in the repository, CVS would have sucked. Big time. Subversion rocks.


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