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So I’m sitting here waiting for my jobs to run on AVIDD-B. They’re going to run for quite a long time, and I’ll probably be up all night shepharding the jobs, ensuring that they keep running. So it’s blog time.

Here’s something I don’t understand: people who throw cigarette butts out car windows.

It always ticks me off when I’m driving behind someone and they throw a butt out their window. I always feel like screeching to a halt, picking up the butt, and following the car until they stop — perhaps at the next light. Then getting out and walking up to their window, knocking on it, and saying “Here — you dropped something.” And throwing the butt back at them.

  • Why do cigarette smokers feel like the world is their ashtray?
  • If you’re smoking in your car, your car is already going to smell bad. There’s no good reason to not use your ashtray. Laziness does not count (not wanting to empty the ashtray).
  • Throwing a butt out the window is littering. Plain and simple. Why does society seem to attach a big stigma to all forms of littering… except for cigarette butts?

Butt-throwers should be condemned to pick up all the butts along the sides of highways. It’s surprising, disappointing, and disgusting how many butts there are along our roadways. I remember being a Boy Scout and doing various community projects such as picking up trash along roads and highways — cigarette butts were, by far, the largest collection of trash that we would pick up.



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