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Happiness is the Dome in the rear view mirror

Well, it finally happened, and I have a [pixelated] video clip, some pictures, and [another] diploma to prove it.

I’ve graduated from Notre Dame for the 4th time and have become Notre Dame’s 15th quadruple Domer. Tracy and I went up to ND for the graduation weekend and met my parents there. I ended up having lunch with Maddog and Brandon M. right before the ceremony (Tracy and the AP’s went to the President’s Luncheon, which I couldn’t attend because I had to line up before that lunch was over). The movie clip is a bit rough, but you can see me going across the stage (and Ed right behind me!). There’s also a bunch of pictures from campus in my doctoral garb.

So it’s finally official — I’m now Dr. Squyres.

I think my friends are allowed to call me that once, and that’ll be enough. ;-)

(the title of this entry is something that a Domer friend of mine told me, long long ago)


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