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They're crap. Crap... crap... megga-crap

Ok, I’m really annoyed. I left out a significant entry in JJC, and when someone asked me about it the other day, I was insistent that it was here. Turns out, it wasn’t. Doh! I actually know what happened, too — I had a journal entry all typed up (including this now-missing entry) and my browser crashed. So I had to type it up again. But I apparently forgot one part of the entry.

Doh. :-(

So here you go…

Tracy and I went to California to D&D’s wedding (Darrell and Diann, you dork — +2 swords against chaotic evil trolls were not involved). It was awesome. We were in wine country, and got a meet a bunch of Diann’s family, got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen since I lived in LA for a summer, and even saw Darrell’s younger brother and his fiance. The whole weekend was great; lotsa laughs and good times. And oh yeah, Darrell and Diann got married. :-)

Their honeymoon was a 2 week cruise to Hawaii and back. It had its ups and downs, but apparently they both had a good time.

Tracy and I were extremely pleased to have been invited; it was a very small wedding (2 dozen people, tops?), and I was the best man. So I had to give a toast, which I kinda screwed up the delivery on, but I think it went ok.

Anyway, the weekend rocked. For everyone else who missed it, sucks to be you.

In the previous journal entry, I couldn’t get MT Textile’s PRE HTML handling. I had to escape out of Textile and do the HTML myself. Bonk.

The last 3 weeks have been spent writing papers and proposals. Not fun stuff at all. Quite stressful and did I mention that it wasn’t fun? A few more papers due in the immediate future, but then hopefully no more writing for quite a while…

Brian’s heading back to Bloomies soon. I believe this to be a fundamentally good thing. He’ll be back to developing LAM/MPI and Open MPI full time. We’ve got to get LAM/MPI 7.1 out the door. Soon!


My grass is growing again. That means mowing the lawn. Grumble.

My grandfather clock hasn’t been chiming correctly for several weeks now. ☹

It’s still keeping time perfectly, but it chimes things incorrectly. For example, the clock is supposed to chime music on the hour and 1, 2, or 3 bongs at 15, 20, and 45 minutes past the hour. The bongs come at the wrong times — 2 bongs at 45 minutes past the hour, or 3 bongs on the hour. The only thing that is consistent is that the music — when it plays — it only played on the hour.

The clock is an amazingly complex machine. I’m guessing that there’s a mechanism that only allows music to play on the hour. But the bongs have some kind of mechanism that is supposed to go every 3 out of every 4 15 minute intervals, and it further indicates how many bongs to chime. I think this mechanism is dirty and is not always advancing like it should — leading it to sometimes skip an interval, and therefore get out of sync.

I’m probably going to have to take this thing in to get repaired — there’s no way that I’m going to attempt to repair such an intracate, delicate piece of machinery myself!


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