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Yeah, but his mom's really *hot*

Everybody loves quickies!

  • Turns out that I will be Notre Dame’s 15th quadruple Domer — meaning that I will be the 15th person in history to earn four degrees from Notre Dame.
    • BA, English, 1994
    • BS, Computer Engineering, 1994
    • MS, Computer Science and Engineering, 1996
    • Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, 2004
      So I got a bit interrupted in the middle there — avid readers will realize that I lost about 3 years to the military. Ah well. It’s the journey that counts, right?
  • iChat’s video conferencing works amazingly well, even with my 128k DSL upload speeds.
  • My Harmony remote has been working great, but has always had one thing that bothered me (read: didn’t work right). When setting up your audio tuner, you have to select between whether you go to different audio inputs by pushing one button and cycling through the inputs or whether you have a different button for each input. I actually have a combination of both — I have multiple buttons, but some of them toggle between two inputs (e.g., Video 1 and 5.1 channel). The end result is that the Harmony would do the Wrong Thing sometimes because it didn’t realize that it was causing a toggle. I’ve been meaning to e-mail tech support about this for weeks, and finally got around to sending a detailed bug report last night. They mailed me back today and said, “Sure, no problem. This happens to a lot of people. Tell us the details of what you need, and we can do it for you.” ROCK ON! How cool is that? When, exactly, is the last time you heard that from a tech support department?
  • Our next-generation MPI now has a name (after long, arduous, excruciating debate): Open MPI.


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