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Ninjas and lasers and gold

Just got back from another 2 week Open MPI meeting. Whew! Very hard work — continual working from 6am until at least 8-10pm (usually until the brain gives out). Vishal and I spent a good portion of the evenings and the whole weekend working on LAM 7.1 — we need to get that out the door before Open MPI debuts.

Despite all that, it was a great meeting. Lots was accomplished.

I shared the goodness of Terry Tate with everyone there (none had seen it before). And of course, let’s not forget what inspired my favorite IM icon (and the sequel).

A new Dead Zone season has started. Although I like the show, I always think, “chest club… chess club” every time it starts.

I just got new glasses. I finally got around to making an eye appointment (I had been steadfastly putting it off until after graduation) — my old glasses were effectively BCG’s from the Army (they were the same size as BCG’s, at least — enormous frames) from when I was deployed in Arizona in 2001.

They had a super-cool machine — you look into it and all you see is a fuzz (well, I see a fuzz — I have horrible eyesight). Then the practicioner pushes a button and the fuzz comes in and out of focus, and finally ends up in focus. That’s right — it’s measuring your eye and estimating the perscription that you need. Very cool! Excellent use of technology.

So I got new glasses; much smaller frames than my old BCG’s. I could have gotten the auto-tinting glasses, but I figured that I’d take the smaller frames as my “big change” this time.

My stupid lawn keeps growing. It’s out of control. Maybe I should just rip up all the grass and put down a bed of gravel. It would save a lot of work in the long run. When/if we sell the house, I’m sure the Party Responsible for Lawn Mowing in potential buyers will be excited — this will drive up our house’s value. I’m sure of it.

We finally registered for baby stuff. Tracy did a little while I was gone, but we made The Big Trip to Babies-R-Us the weekend I got back.

Holy cow, baby crap is expensive. Yes, we’re going to be spending a lot on money in the near future.

I finally sync’ed my PDA with my Mac — 34K worth of updates transferred to my PDA. Woof.


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