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The lesser of two weevils

I just found out that there is a cable that you can run from my Tivo to my DirectTV receiver — I’ve been doing the infrared remote thing (which is slow and not 100% accurate) for years.

So of course I ordered that cable; it should be here in a day or two. Woo hoo!

Darrell K. got a Mac! He got a powerbook 15” G4, just like mine. I spent a few hours on the phone with him giving him his first Mac orientation. He was a little overwhelmed with all the new info (just like I was), but I’m sure he’ll be fine. Another convert. Woo hoo!

I tried to convince Renzo to switch this morning in IM:

Me: “Renzo… come over to the light.”
Renzo: “No way! I’ll never switch!”
Me: “Didn’t you take an oath at confirmation to reject Satan and all of his works?”
Renzo: “But Windows gives me all the freedom that I want; I don’t want to be locked into proprietary technology (fondeling his Gateway tower)”
Me: “Freedom to reboot, sure.”
Renzo: “I like rebooting. That’s what my computer tells me.”
Me: “Renzo… come over to the light.”


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