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I swear it's ABSA fever out there!

I had a graduation party this past weekend at the Kentucky Derby Museum that was much fun. A lot of my family came in on Friday (and promptly drank all the beer that I thought would last through the weekend). Darrell K. and Renzo M. (and his family) came in, too, which was awesome. More came in on Saturday morning (including Brandon M. and Kyle W. from ND).

Tracy had a baby shower on Saturday morning; I cleared the hell outta the house for that.

The party itself was pretty cool. The Museum is an interesting place (not that I got out of the banquet room at all ☺); lots of the guests got to wander around the museum and even go to some races. Lummy’s kids, in particular, got to see all kinds of horses and races, which I understand they enjoyed thoroughly.

I laughed out loud when Lummy gave me a ziplock full of pebbles (which I had to ceremoniously snatch from his hand) as a final symbol of graduating. It’s been a long-standing joke between Lummy-n-me (“When you have learned to snatch the pebbles from the master’s hand, it is time for you to leave.”). Indeed, my dissertation filename is “pebbles.pdf”.

My family, DK, and Renzo (Inc.) stuck around for the rest of the weekend. After much food, indecision, and 16 different plans, some of us went to Shrek 2 and the rest of us went to Spiderman 2. I enjoyed S2 (but then again, Spiderman is my favorite…); I give it 30 minutes. I’ll probably buy the DVD when it becomes available.

The new Stargate SG-1 season starts this Friday — woo hoo! It’s also going to spin off a new series, Stargate Atlantis. Should be interesting. I know that Suzanne C. will be recording all this stuff with their new Tivo DVR. Woo hoo! :-)

Speaking of TV shows — I’ve been impressed with the socially-aware show The Dead Zone. There have been a few shows recently that touched on geek-important issues. For example, there was a show about electronic voting and how it was deliberately fradulently manipulated to elect a slimeball. Last week’s show was called “Total Awareness,” and was about the government’s control and monitoring of everything and how it directly ends privacy. This is almost certainly a reference to the supposedly-killed US government project “Total Information Awareness” that received so much press several months ago.

Quite interesting.


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