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August 5, 2004

That word is on a list of words that my lawyers have identified as a class three perojative

Random stuff:

  • Big props to DK today for coming up with a great idea for horizontal integration of components. Woo hoo!
  • Who on earth still works for SCO? How can they possibly be releasing new versions of their software? Are there any competent engineers who didn’t flee long ago? Did SCO become the last job that any poor schmuck of an engineer (regardless of talent or ability) will ever be able to have (i.e., no one else will ever hire them)?
  • I cancelled my corporate IU AmEx card.
  • I’ll be getting a check in the mail shortly for $2.95. The cost to send it to me, combined with the cost of me mailing it to my bank to deposit it is 25.1% of the total sum.
  • Cribs are built. Linens are washed. Stuff is hung in the nursery. Batteries have been purchased (for the baby monitors, you sick-o). Wife is cranky. We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

August 8, 2004

Props. Big props.

A huge shout out to the brand-new Dr. Anne M. M., a friend of mine who just successfully defended her Ph.D. in psychology a week ago.

Woo hoo!!

A note for future journal entries

BK = DK.

That’s all that I have to say about that.

August 17, 2004

Squyres v2.0.[01]

Actual conversation starting just a few moments before Kaitlyn Molly and Kathryn Lindsey Squyres were born:

Kaitlyn: Hey, I think I see light up ahead!
Kathryn: Nuh-uh. You do not.
Kaitlyn: Yes, I do! Quit poking me.
Kathryn: You can’t see anything yet; your eyes are still closed. I’m not poking you.
Kaitlyn: There really is light up ahead. And stop poking me! I’m gonna tell mom!
Kathryn: I don’t believe you. Who’s mom?
Kaitlyn: Hey, check this out — I’m moving!
Kathryn: Whooaa.. that’s cool? How’d you do that?
Kaitlyn: I have no clue. This is fun. Whoosh!
Kathryn: Hey — I can move a little, too! Woot!
Kaitlyn: I’ll race ya. Who can see mommy first?
Kathryn: Sure! Wait — who’s mommy?
Kaitlyn: (receeding into the distance) You can’t poke me anymore! Wooo hoooooo!
Kathryn: Cheater! Heeeyy… this is nice — all this room!

Minutes later, it was all over. Kaitlyn won by a head; Kathryn came in a close second.

Post-game wrapup:

On August 17th, 2004, Kaitlyn Molly Squyres was born at 8:31pm (Eastern), 19” long, weighing 5 lbs., 7 oz. Kathryn Lindsey Squyres was born at 8:42pm, 19.25” long, weighing 6 lbs., 6 oz. After an unexpected C-section for Kathryn, Mom and daughters all completely fine, but are quite exhausted and will be staying in the hospital for a few more days (we’ll likely be a little hard to contact during that time).

August 26, 2004

Jimmy James: Imperialist Lion Tamer

So we’ve been home for a few days now and it’s generally going well. The in-laws have been extremely helpful. Harold built a bunch of stuff and fixed several things here around the house that I just haven’t been able to get to. Marlene has been helping with “baby care duty” — I’ve basically shifted my sleep schedule so that I sleep between 6pm-1am (when she’s on duty), and I get up and take the rest of the night. So we’re actually both getting plenty of sleep rather than sleep/wakeup/sleep/wakeup throughout the night. It seems to be working pretty well.

It’ll get harder when they leave. ☺

Tracy’s still recovering, but she’s doing well.

The hospital has posted pictures of K&K from 2 days after they were born. They’ll only be there for about 2 months, so if you visit this site after October 2004, this link will likely be stale (I can’t really download / re-host those pictures because they don’t belong to us — they’re for sale, yadda yadda yadda).


And of course, my own pictures:


August 28, 2004

The wedding shout-out

A big shout-out to Jeremy and Katie S. who got married today. Woo hoo!

(man, I love internet wedding registries; so easy to click-n-buy-n-ship!)

Another shout out to Andras L. who is getting married in a week. He works for Abaqus, and I have been working with him on-and-off for a year or so on various parallel and LAM/MPI issues — I even took a trip out to Pawtucket, RI, and visited their offices for a LAM/MPI Extravaganza one day. It was parallely-delicious!

Andras was dismayed when he first saw JJournal that there were no Abaqus entries. ☺ This is for privacy reasons, of course (as I think I’ve expounded on in previous journal entries). But now that he said he wants a mention, well there you go!

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