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Squyres v2.0.[01]

Actual conversation starting just a few moments before Kaitlyn Molly and Kathryn Lindsey Squyres were born:

Kaitlyn: Hey, I think I see light up ahead!
Kathryn: Nuh-uh. You do not.
Kaitlyn: Yes, I do! Quit poking me.
Kathryn: You can’t see anything yet; your eyes are still closed. I’m not poking you.
Kaitlyn: There really is light up ahead. And stop poking me! I’m gonna tell mom!
Kathryn: I don’t believe you. Who’s mom?
Kaitlyn: Hey, check this out — I’m moving!
Kathryn: Whooaa.. that’s cool? How’d you do that?
Kaitlyn: I have no clue. This is fun. Whoosh!
Kathryn: Hey — I can move a little, too! Woot!
Kaitlyn: I’ll race ya. Who can see mommy first?
Kathryn: Sure! Wait — who’s mommy?
Kaitlyn: (receeding into the distance) You can’t poke me anymore! Wooo hoooooo!
Kathryn: Cheater! Heeeyy… this is nice — all this room!

Minutes later, it was all over. Kaitlyn won by a head; Kathryn came in a close second.

Post-game wrapup:

On August 17th, 2004, Kaitlyn Molly Squyres was born at 8:31pm (Eastern), 19” long, weighing 5 lbs., 7 oz. Kathryn Lindsey Squyres was born at 8:42pm, 19.25” long, weighing 6 lbs., 6 oz. After an unexpected C-section for Kathryn, Mom and daughters all completely fine, but are quite exhausted and will be staying in the hospital for a few more days (we’ll likely be a little hard to contact during that time).


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Big congrats, Jeff and Tracy and crew! Knowing how much fun one is, I expect you’ll have n^2 fun with twins. Good luck finding a babysitter, though :-)

Congratulations! Happy Birthday Kaitlyn and Kathryn!

So now you’ll just have to yell, “KATIE!” to get them both to respond ;)

Make sure your future doctors offices understand that they are twins and not the same person. My mom’s name was Kathleen. Whenever I signed in at the doctor’s office they’d send Kathleen instead of Katie’s chart… I looked pretty good for a person 25 years older than me ;)

Mike Babincak:

Hey Jeff:

I just want to say congratulations on the twins and your 4th ND degree.

I am glad Tracy and the babies are doing well.

Good luck with everything.

-Mike Babincak




He’s reproduced. sigh.

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