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Aliens on the prowl

My daughters like to play this fun game. It’s called “let’s confuse the crap out of daddy.” It goes like this:

  • Dad’s on the night shift. He’s working down in his office with the baby monitor. Girls are [supposedly] asleep in their crib just down the hall.
  • One of the girls will start fussing (for those of you without children, this means “sreaming bloody murder for no apparent reason”).
  • Dad rockets out of his chair and down the hall, bashing into (at a minimum) the railing and table, stifling expletives and pain, and gently bursts into the nursery. Right about at this point, the source child stops fussing (for those of you without children, this means “return to peaceful state and pretend that nothing was wrong”)
  • By the time daddy gets to the crip, there is zero evidence as to which child was pissed off. Dad is inevitably left standing there scratching his head, usually waiting several minutes to watch and see if either child provides evidence as to which was unhappy.
  • Typically, they both sleep peacefully for up to 10 minutes (while daddy is waiting). Hence, daddy exits.
  • When the girls are having a good night, they can time the next fuss (read: “Meggadeath performance”) when daddy is only about halfway down the hall back to his office.

This usually repeats 4 or 5 times before one (or both) decide that a) they’re too tired, and therefore go to sleep, or b) they’re too pissed off (for some arbitrary reason) and therefore need some TLC before they’ll go back to sleep.

“If you thought having one baby was hard, try having two. ‘nuff said.”

A major thank you to everyone who has sent us gifts. We haven’t managed to get thank you cards out yet, but rest assurred, we will.

My daughters also make all kinds of noise while they sleep. Grunts, strechy-noises (like the noises you make in the morning when you stretch after waking up), groans, whines, beeps, and mouse noises — squeaks and the like. Lots and lots of squeaks.


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This is good one.. Once babies become more than 3 months older, I guess it would be little easy to guess who is crying because chances of one sleeping, one awake are more..
u can have some techie mike system too.

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