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It's all about the journey

Odyssey update. We decided to get a slightly different model, so the whole “first Odyssey ‘05 owner in Louisville” thing got shifted. Apparently, our minivan was built 2 days ago and will be here in Louisville in about a week.

Woo hoo!

My C* Robin was here for a few days to help out with the twins. As a mother of two herself, it was really great to have her around and hear her take on things. It was fantastic to have her here for a long weekend.

As a “thank you” gift, we got Robin a Tivo. It arrived Thursday night, and they’re apparently already enjoying it thoroughly. They Tivo’ed the ND football game this weekend, for example.

Welcome to the Tivolution, baby!

I finally got around to updating the style here on JJournal — lotsa people complained about the old style (if you had a narrow screen, the calendar on the right wouldn’t display properly). With the new style, it should display correctly for everyone. Well, except the Saturday column is half-clipped for me… ehh… I don’t care ☺.

I also upgraded to MoveableType 3.11. No huge improvements from my perspective, but there’s a few nice little things that I’ll enjoy.


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I like the new journal layout :)

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