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New pics

I’ve put up a few more pictures:

  • What’s better than one colicy baby? Why, twocolicy babies, of course! Check out the “screaming” picutes in the k-n-k album (http://jeff.squyres.com/pictures/).
  • People have requested pictures of my new mini… er… maxivan — a Honda Odyssey ‘05. It’s da bomb. Yes, I love my maxivan. I took a bunch of pictures of it until my camera ran out of space. Pictures and descriptions available in the “maxivan” alburm (http://jeff.squyres.com/pictures/).


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Uhm, sir, where’s the y-flex capacitor on this “maxi-” van?
(I think you got hoodwinked).

As for the k-n-k pics. Wow! Looks like somebody sent you a couple of “Howlers”.

“How’s that working out for you?” “Keep it up then”

BTW, the journal style upgrade is amazing. This is the first time I’ve been able to see an entire entry. Nice job.


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