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[beep][kerchunk] <server disconnects>

I just noticed that the cover page to jjc is blank. Woof! I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

This is mainly because I’m being hammered with SC prep and the munchkins. So there’s been little time to take any notes. But right now there’s a problem with our servers — I’m blocking waiting for our sysadmins to fix it, so I might as well make a jjc entry. ☺

I’ve started to get a lot more blog spam recently (a strong, noticable increase within the last 2-3 weeks). If I didn’t have the MT blog spam blocker, there’s no way that I could have kept up. I’ve also noticed that many of the URL’s being posted are in the “.info” domain. It seemed that 4 out of 5 comments that I would block were advertising URLs in .info, so I’m now blocking all .info URLs. Sorry folks (not that anyone who would legitimately post a comment here will care ☺).

But the spammers are also the reason that the jjc front page was blank — whenever I reject some comments, it rebuilds the static jjc pages (including the front page). And it only includes new entries from within the last 2 weeks. Since I’ve been so slack lately, there were no new entries — hence, the blank page.

Today is US election day. Tracy and I will head out to vote in a bit. With Bush and Kerry basically in a dead heat, and with so many precints around the country who have foolishly decided to use paperless electronic voting (one MS Access database for the entire state of CA? Come one.. who really thinks that this is a good idea?), I predict a debacle of legal and voting issues over the next few weeks. I predict a minimum of 2 weeks will pass before we know who the next president is.


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